Welcome to Preston Innovations Einfachstippen.com  

On our English homepage, you will see us fishing many different venues with the pole. 

Posing with my catch on the Lage Vaart with some angling friends.

We try and get out to fish with lots of different anglers - some are stars, and some are not - the main thing is we try to have fun fishing.

Einfachstippen with Former World Champion and current England Feeder Team manager, Tommy Pickering, at the Pole Trade Fair in Bremen

In the first full year (2015) of the English Einfachstippen website, we have had over 33,000 clicks - not bad really. By the end of 2016 we had almost reached 70,000 clicks and now we are almost on 100,000 at the end of 2017.

The German site is now well past 1.5 million visitors!

Einfach Stippen - Steve, Roger and Theo

Of course, we will be fishing with the match rod and feeder as well.

Einfach Stippen 'On Tour' with Bob Nudd

We will be going fishing with some of the top anglers in Europe and giving your some good angling tips.

Einfach Stippen visiting Jo Adriolo Hengelsport

Have a browse through the site and check out the reports. We hope you like the website and also hope we give you a good insight into fishing in Holland. 

Einfach Stippen visiting Guido Nullens' tackle shop

Thanks for your visit, we hope you enjoy our site. 









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