Steve's Rigs 

In this section I will describe the rigs I use for most of my fishingHopefully they will give you ideas for your own fishing. 

I will add rigs over the next few months and years. 

Here is a rig diagram that I made for members of the RAF West Midlands Angling League back in 1995 for the Shropshire Union Canal. I drew this diagram for a league match for all the members of the league.

An old rig diagram from 1995 - things haven't changed much

I think it is only fair that we all have a chance to catch loads of fish, so I share my knowledge when I can. If I learn some new information I will share it with you on this site.

Everyone appreciated the diagrams I made and put them to good use. 

If I find out something new that works well, I will share it on here.