Pole Rig Floats  

I try to use as few different float patterns as possible. My favourite pole floats are from Drennan and Preston Innovations. 

I have heard that Preston are bringing out a new range of natural water floats towards the end of 2017 - looking forward to seeing what they make. 

The Alan Scotthorne range that Drennan produce are really good, the AS 6 and AS 7 being my favourites. 

 Preston Chianti  

I use the Preston Chianti for my shallow Roach fishing, especially for hemp. 

The standard Chianti and the new Des Shipp Commercial Chianti - super floats.

They work well catching up in the water and fishing on the drop.

 Preston Inter Wire and Inter Carbon  

I like these new floats from Des Shipp, and although labeled as commercial floats, they are great all-rounders. 

The Inter Carbon - Des Shipp done good.

The Inter Carbon and Inter Wire have found a permanent place in my rig drawer. 

They go up to 1.5 grams and cover many canal venues that I fish in Holland. Nice one Des.

 Drennan AS 5, AS 6 and AS7 

Drennan have always made good floats and these from Alan Scotthorne are top of the tree. From float to float they are extremely consistent in the weight they require. 

The mighty AS7 wire-stemmed float - very impressed with AS floats.

The AS 5 I am using for fishing to hand and for the worm. 

AS floats will always have a place in the rig drawer. 

 Dave Harrel - DH 13 

This carbon-stemmed float is just fantastic. 

1 gram DH13 - great little float

I have them in 1g, 1.5g, 2g and 3g sizes. Great for slow rivers and canals.







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