Pole Rig Floats  

I try to use as few different float patterns as possible. My favourite pole floats are from Drennan and Preston Innovations. 

I have heard that Preston are bringing out a new range of natural water floats towards the end of 2017 - looking forward to seeing what they make.

 Preston Chianti  

I use the Preston Chianti for my shallow Roach fishing, especially for hemp. 

The standard Chianti and the new Des Shipp Commercial Chianti - super floats.

They work well catching up in the water and fishing on the drop.

 Preston Inter Wire and Inter Carbon  

I like these new floats from Des Shipp, and although labeled as commercial floats, they are great all-rounders. 

The Inter Carbon - Des Shipp done good.

The Inter Carbon and Inter Wire have found a permanent place in my rig drawer. 

They go up to 1.5 grams and cover many canal venues that I fish in Holland. Nice one Des.







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